Sleeved Cable Extension Kit - Advanced Line

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Sleeved cable extension set with 15 high-quality aluminium combs.

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Sleeving can be a tedious task and high initial costs as well as hours of sleeving with inadequate results can put one off. Hiring professional sleevers to make sets is also not an option for many due to the high prices. For this reason we offer an alternative:

Pre-made sleeved cable sets that take sleeving to a new level. Our Advanced Line sets are of the highest quality, but available at a good price. These cables guarantee a robust and high-quality look that is an upgrade for any PC!

Our Extension Kits are made of extra-thick (AWG16) copper cables, and unsightly gaps between the individual strands are eliminated by our sleeves and aluminium Cable Combs. These cable combs ensure a neat and tidy sequence and also give the desired high-quality look.

The outer cores are minimally longer than the inner ones (15mm), creating a natural bend.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 24-pin ATX (300 mm) - 2 Alucombs
  • 1x 8 EPS12V (300 mm) - 2 Alucombs
  • 1x 4+4 EPS12V (300 mm) - 2 Alucombs
  • 2x PCIe-8-pin (450 mm) - 3 Alucombs each
  • 1x PCIe-6-pin (450 mm) - 3 Alucombs

Altogether 6 extension cables, plus 15 high-quality CNC-milled pre-assembled aluminium combs.

Manufacturer: OBLITEK
Category: GPU Accessories
SKU: 1638