Galax / KFA² Gamer OC 3070 / 3060 (inkl. Backplate)

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Bykski Wasserblock für die Galax / KFA² Gamer OC 3070 / 3060 mit Backplate (N-GY3070GR-X)
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Bykski Galax / KFA² Gamer OC 3070/3060

Suitable for: 
Galax RTX 3070 Gamer

Galax RTX 3070 Gamer OC

Galax RTX 3060Ti Gamer

Galax RTX 3060Ti Gamer OC

Material: Copper (nickel-plated), acrylic
Connectors: G1/4
Manufacturer: Bykski
Part Number: N-GY3070GR-X
LED: Yes, 5v addressable RBW

1x Full Cover GPU Block
1x Backplate
2x blind plugs
1x mounting material
1x thermal pads
1x manual
1x RBW LED strip

Info about LED modules:

All our LED modules are to be operated with 5V unless otherwise stated.
For operation, either an adapter cable (3pin 5V ADD_Header) or a suitable controller is required.
Connecting 5V LED modules to a 12V power source will destroy the LED modules immediately!

If control via a 12V board connection is desired, you can purchase a suitable LED strip individually from our shop.

Hersteller: Bykski
Kategorie: Galax/KFA2
Artikelnummer: 1188